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    Shenzhen Huafu Qin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional high-performance IC design and sales of high-tech enterprises, the main investor was founded in 2001 in Belarus MINSK QXIN Semiconductor Group, since 2008 to enter the Chinese market, adhering to the "professional , pragmatic, efficient and innovative "business philosophy, the introduction of outstanding design talent the former Soviet Union, Taiwan and mainland China, and with the above-mentioned areas of advanced wafer foundry and packaging companies working closely focused on the design, development, testing and based on sales figures advanced sub-micron CMOS, BIPOLAR, BICMOS, BCD and other technology, the analog and mixed analog-digital integrated circuit products to communications, consumer electronics as the main market, and strive to provide high quality products for Chinese users and integrated circuits cost-effective one-stop system solutions. 

     Headquartered in Longhua District, a number of offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and South China, East China, with the market trends accurately judged and continuing commitment to new product development and technological innovation, the company now has 100 IC products variety, the main products include: DC-DC, AC-DC, LED DRIVER, LDO, PWM, MOSFET, IGBT, especially in consumer products power Management, LED control class, with high brand reputation and market share rate. At the same time, we also offer a number of well-known brands of domestic manufacturers to provide the company's self-designed wafer products and technology solutions, and partners to achieve a win-win situation. The company's future will continue to increase investment in research, scientific and technological innovation and enhance market competitiveness, customer-centric, continuing to create value for customers. 



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